A duffle coat is a mid-length single-breasted wooly coat, with a large hood under which a peaked cap may be worn. Other features include slip pockets, horn toggle-fastenings (often known as ‘walrus tusk’ toggles), a clasp on the neck and tartan lining on the interior. Contemporary brands often embellish or modify this traditional configuration to offer a modern twist on a classic look.

The duffle coat originally came to prominence as the preferred coat of the British sailor. Today, the classic design is popular with men across Europe, offering the owner a piece that is democratic and practical. A duffle coat is perfect for late autumn and winter to protect against a cold wind, while offering a freedom of mobility that is perfect for driving and other daily activities. 

Men’s duffle coats have traditionally been available only in Britain and Europe, but now they are available to buy at our online shop. If an exacting customer would like to acquire a classic short overcoat made of British shaggy common wool, he should turn his attention to our classic English models.  


Men’s duffle coatIn men’s fashion, the duffle coat never goes out of style. And yet, no fashion trend can survive unless it is in conversation with modern tastes. For this reason European designers continue to produce new innovative styles of Duffle coat, incorporating new motifs into the original classic design. Besides the iconic straight duffle coat, models with a more slender, fitted profile are also available. Hoods of various sizes and proportions have become common too. The colour palette has been expanded — contemporary duffle coat colours include reds, blues and yellows. Instead of leather tabs, materials such as chamois or nubuck are also sometimes used. In fact, only the famous "walrus tusk" toggles remain fairly constant, a reminder of the maritime culture from which the duffle coat originally emerged.

Removable hoods and interior linings lend our duffle coats an exceptional versatility, making them perfect for spring and early autumn. Many designers have begun to use soft wooly cloth with a smooth texture instead of thicker, textured materials, and this has allowed duffles to be used throughout the year. The so called "Italian grade" duffle, a favorite of Ricky Martin, is made from an exceptionally smooth and light weight cloth. While continual experimentation continues to this day, all designers agree that the use of wool, as opposed to other, perhaps synthetic materials, is an essential part of the look and feel of the duffle coat. 

Duffle coats for men: quality and fashion

The men’s duffle coats available at our boutique are notable for their high quality and original design. Classic and contemporary short overcoats can be found in our ‘English Marks’ collections. Owning one of these beautiful coats couldn’t be easier. Simply select the style that is right for you and place an order on our website. 

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