Men’s classic duffle coats — fidelity to history

If you dreamt of an authentic thing from England that has its own history, you should pay your attention to a men’s classical duffle coat. Each model from our catalogue is the British style tradition in its pure form.


Men’s classic duffle coats — fidelity to historyOriginal Montgomery, British Duffle and Gloverall are in our catalogue — these are companies-icons of the style among producers of the duffle coats. The oldest brands offer you to enjoy English history and culture and get a model of the duffle coat which is the closest to the original.

Thus, men’s duffle coat has knee length or higher — generally the length is from 89 till 98 centimeters. It is a loose straight cut with a neat hood (the hood can be unadjusted in some models) and two big patch pockets — opened and closed.

Every duffle coat consists of 70-80% of wool and has a warm lining with a pattern. The duffle coat has three or four buttons which can be made of a natural horn in the shape of canine or wood in the shape of kegs. The loops are made of leather or jute. Some models have an additional hood fastener.


Almost all models are produced in the range of calm and soft colours — nothing to add. There are traditional shades: camel, navy blue, black and other classical colours: grey brown, indigo.

Subdued colours and a traditional cut create a manly look which copies the British Royal Navy’s uniform and General Montgomery’s clothes itself. If you admire a strict English style, prefer simplicity and classical silhouettes and love everything that is connected with the sea — this coat is definitely for you. Men’s classical duffle coat will bring you comfort, warmth and original appearance. As people say “classics never changes”. 

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